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Ram Pickup Cummins Diesel Engine Index
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Turbocharger, EGT, Boost
Ram Sales Figures
Maintenance, Repairs, and Modifications
1st Generation 12 Valve:           [ 1989-1993 ]           More Power        Reported Problems
2nd Generation 12 Valve:          [ 1994-1998.5 ]        More Power        Reported Problems
3rd Generation 24 Valve ISB:    [ 1998.5-2002 ]        More Power        Reported Problems
 Engine Specs and Part numbers:
1st Generation 12 Valve:           [ 1989-1991 ]   [ 1992 ]   [ 1993 ]
2nd Generation 12 Valve:         [ 1994-1995 ]     [ 1996-1998.5 ]
3rd Generation 24 Valve ISB:   [ 1998.5-2000 ]   [ 2001-2002 ]   [ ECM/PCM ]

Engine evolution - changes by year

CPL Table - CPL by year/engine rating           Other ISB engine ratings

Other Diesel stuff:
Download - Hicksters diesel engine recording
Diesel related links - products, accessories, homepages, and information

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